New Attractions Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

New Attractions Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are slated to get some amazing looking new attractions on 2020. Some of these new plans might be modifications of existing plans that we heard about a few years ago which included a Frozen area.

A Beauty and the Beast area of the park was previously in the plans but it looks like that idea has grown in scope. The new plans released today will see a large portion of Tomorrowland swallowed up by Fantasyland. Including the Grand Circuit Raceway and the Starjets, both set to close in 2017.

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New Star Wars Land Details Revealed During Disneyland 60

Last night Disney aired their 2-hour Disneyland 60th Anniversary special on ABC. During the relatively disappointing affair Harrison Ford was on hand to introduce a few new small details on the Star Wars themed lands coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Upscale dinner club

Upscale dinner club

The segment covered most of what we already knew about the 14-acre lands. The many details of the lands were mentioned, including being able to meet plenty of aliens and droids. It'll be great to see so many roaming characters adding to the ambiance of the land. In addition to the cantina already announced a new upscale "dinner club" has been revealed. Don't expect to get a reservation there anytime soon. They also described the land's street market as a place to taste the local delicacies so don't worry about getting an ADR to taste some Star Wars grub.

Millennium Falcon attraction

A first look at a CG rendering of the Millennium Falcon attraction was revealed. Showing a cockpit view of the Falcon where you are in total control. I'm not sure how they will allow you to have complete control over the experience and have a decent capacity for the ride. I'm picturing a sea of individual simulators, but who knows.

First Order vs Resistance attraction

First look at the Fist Order vs. The Resistance ride was also shown. This one will likely be the E-ticket of the land. The special showed a ride car on a First Order ship in the middle of a firefight. The ride vehicle showed 4 guests sitting beside one another and I'd assume there is a second row making it 8 per vehicle. Based on the movement this could be a trackless ride vehicle. It did not appear to be any interactive elements but it looks action packed.

We still have no better outlook on the timeline these lands will open, the name of the new planet or names of any attractions but we have plenty of time to get all that information down the road. What do you think of these new Star Wars land details?

Pandora – The World of Avatar Debuts at D23

There are two types of people in this world. Those who are looking forward to the new Avatar themed land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2017, and those who would rather see the whole park burn to the ground before they see seven-foot tall blue aliens walking about. If you fall into the latter category you can stop reading now or continue and possibly become a little more optimistic on this incredible new land.

D23 this year marks the first time the land has been officially titled. Pandora – The World of Avatar has floated around for a while but now it is 100% confirmed. This is also the first time we've been able to see a full model of the land. Complete with floating mountains. As you can see in the photos above, the land will be lush with greenery. So much so that it's hard to see what exactly is under all that foliage in the model. The floating mountains look absolutely massive and should really help you feel like you are on another planet.

What we do know is the name of the e-ticket attraction going into the space. Avatar: Flight of Passage is the Banshee flying ride that will let guests soar over Pandora. A family friendly cruise through the bioluminescent forests of the planet will also be a highlight of the land. 

Because of Pandora, the rest of Animal Kingdom is getting some upgrades to help make it an all-day park. There are new details on the Rivers of Light nighttime show. More specifically that there will be live performers in the show. They could be taking a queue from Tokyo DisneySea's water parades. The Sunset Kilimanjaro Safaris are still going forward so it appears that tests studying the nighttime shows affects on the animals have proven positive. There will also be two new species added to the safari. African wild dogs and hyenas.

First Look at Epcot's Frozen Attraction

Disney has revealed the storyline and name of the Frozen ride that is replacing Maelstrom in Epcot's Norway pavilion. 'Frozen Ever After' is a continuation of the Frozen story and not a retelling. Although some favorite moments and music from the film will be included.

You'll be transported to Arendelle's Winter in Summer Celebration where Elsa uses her magic powers to create a winter playland in the middle of summer. During the ride you'll be transported to Elsa's ice palace and then end up in the Bay of Arendelle. Sounds similar to the ending of Maelstrom. All your favorite characters will return including the Snowgies from the Frozen short. Grandpappy troll will also be there telling the story of how Anna and Kristof met.

Imagineers talked with the Wall Street Journal and confirmed that Maelstrom's track will not be changed and that the Frozen overlay will just replace the former theme. Oaken's trading post will serve as the queue. No word yet on any interactive elements but I'm sure Disney is anticipating guests spending a very long time in line. The biggest scene of the ride will be Elsa singing 'Let it Go', of course. There will be plenty of effects during this portion including simulated snow falling.

The animatronic figures that will be used in the ride are based off the same technology that is found in the dwarfs in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The dwarfs look amazing and I'm sure the technology has taken another step since their implementation. 

The biggest complaint about Frozen coming to Norway is the fact that Arendelle isn't even a real place. Disney is adding new elements to further represent real Norway in its pavilion. The name of the new building being erected to house the Anna and Elsa meet and greet will be called the 'Royal Sommerhus' and will have unique Norwegian architectural features and cultural arts and crafts of Norway. 'Frozen Ever After' is set to open in 2016.