New Attractions Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

New Attractions Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are slated to get some amazing looking new attractions on 2020. Some of these new plans might be modifications of existing plans that we heard about a few years ago which included a Frozen area.

A Beauty and the Beast area of the park was previously in the plans but it looks like that idea has grown in scope. The new plans released today will see a large portion of Tomorrowland swallowed up by Fantasyland. Including the Grand Circuit Raceway and the Starjets, both set to close in 2017.

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New Details on Toy Story Land Revealed

Toy Story Land is still far off but today we got a few tidbits of new information on the Hollywood Studios land. First is the name of the alien flat ride. 'Alien Swirling Saucers' will have the little green men flying around in their toy saucers trying to catch your rocket toy vehicle with the "Claw".

The largest new addition of this land will be 'Slinky Dog Dash'. The coaster has you riding on Slinky dog as he races around Andy's Mega Coaster Play Kit which he has modified to incorporate some of his favorite toys. Disney has released a concept video of the ride as you can see above. You can get a pretty decent idea of how the final land will look as well. Are you excited for any of these new Toy Story attractions?

Disney Announces Ambiguous Dates for Summer Offerings

Disney Announces Ambiguous Dates for Summer Offerings

Over the past few days, Disney has revealed their plans for the coming summer season to the blogging elite. Awaken Summer as they are calling it not only refers to new Star Wars offerings at Hollywood Studios but new additions all around the resort. While most of these announcements might sound familiar, mostly because we knew almost everything that is on the way and some new attractions still haven’t been given firm opening dates, let's try to break down what you can expect to awaken this summer.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire has been narrowed down to June from its original summer slot. The stage show replaces Dream Along with Mickey on the Magic Kingdom's castle stage once it is finished its refurbishment. The show will feature new characters, songs, and costumes.

A Disney Junior star will be making their meet and greet debut at the Magic Kingdom. Elena of Avalor is Disney's first Latin princess. Her series will debut this summer and you can begin meeting her this August.

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See the Progress on Motiongate Dubai

You might have heard about Motiongate Dubai when the Hunger Games land was announced. While that property still doesn't make that much sense in a theme park to me, the rest of the park has the potential to be pretty interesting. The park is split into five lands including Studio Central, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Studios, Dreamworks and Smurfs Village.

As you can see in the video above they are cramming a lot of attractions in there. None of them sound too terribly exciting but with proper theming they could be cool. Are you heading to Dubai any time soon?

The Last 'Back to the Future' Ride to Close this May

The last remaining incarnation of 'Back to the Future - The Ride' is set to close May 31st at Universal Studios Japan. There is no word yet on what will replace the attraction. Universal closed the Universal Studios Florida version in March of 2007 and in September of 2007 closed the Universal Studios Hollywood version. Both of those attractions were ultimately replaced by The Simpsons Ride.

I don't recall riding Back to the Future - The Ride when I was younger, and despite my fondness for the Back to the Future series, I can't say I'll miss this attraction. The story of this ride just does not feel like the rest of the franchise and is purely going for spectacle. Which is fine for a theme park ride but as a fan of the trilogy I want something with a little more thought.

via: Theme Park Insider