New Details on Star Wars Offerings at Hollywood Studios

Disney has released some new details and even given a sneak peek to some of the new Star Wars offerings that will be coming to Hollywood Studios starting December 1st. As the studios transforms over the next few years, guests will be desperate for options. Thankfully these new temporary and non-temporary attractions will provide adequate distractions from the endless construction walls.

Star Wars Launch Bay, which replaces the Animation Pavilion, will be host to all things Star Wars. Special exhibits and behind the scenes peeks of the Force Awakens will be there in time for the film's opening. Of course there will be all the special merchandise your little wallets can endure as well as new meet-and-greets for Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue will have several updated scenes from the Force Awakens, including a scene with the Millennium Falcon that looks very similar to one from the first trailer. You can see a sneak peek of that part below. If you ride during the first few months you'll be guaranteed to see the new scenes. After that they will fall into the the randomizer.

The Jedi Training Academy will be returning as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple in early December. The new stage show will still feature Darth Vader but will now also feature the "Seventh Sister" who is a new character from Star Wars Rebels.

Unfortunately, the construction at the park means there will be no Star Wars Weekends this year or possibly ever again, depending on the direction Disney wants to go after the expansion is open. While these offerings are mere peanuts to the massive 14-acre expansion planned for the coming years, they are a necessary addition to a park that will need a lot of help for some time. 

Disney's Stopgap Star Wars Land Attractions

By now you've heard everything there is to know about the newly announced Star Wars Land. Everything but the opening date however, because there isn't one. Disney knows that fans have been chomping at the bit long before yesterday's announcement. In the long years before fans can finally visit this new world filled with old friends, Disney has a few new things to keep you busy that are opening in just a few short months.

Star Wars Launch Bay: The concept for this catchall Star Wars depot was first revealed for Shanghai Disneyland. The space will not be an "in story" attraction but a place for fans to learn about the upcoming films, meet characters, see exhibits of props and costumes and play Star Wars games. 

Star Tours: The Star Wars attraction already at Disney World and Disneyland will be getting another update to include The Force Awakens worlds and characters.

Season of the Force: Building on the concept of Star Wars weekends, this limited time seasonal event will debut in early 2016. For the first time an event like this will coming to Disneyland as well as Hollywood Studios. The event will feature enhanced character meets. Limited time food and drink options and location specific entertainment. Guests in Disneyland will be able to experience at new version of Space Mountain - Hyperspace Mountain. Fans visiting Hollywood Studios will enjoy a Star Wars themed fireworks display.

Jedi Training Academy: New designs, characters and storylines will keep the show fresh.

So, will these new additions keep you satisfied until Star Wars Land debuts? 

Disney Selects Scott Trowbrige as Head of New Star Wars Imagineering Studio

Despite Marvel being a cash cow for Disney right now, the biggest question mark for Disney parks is when will Star Wars expand throughout the parks. Today Disney has made it clear they are not messing around when it comes to new Star Wars attractions or lands by opening a dedicated Star Wars imagineering studio. The studio will be headed up by Scott Trowbrige.

According to Slash Film, Trowbrige has been involved with The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride, Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, The Simpsons ride, Sesame Street 4-D, Fear Factor Live and the early development of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal and has since been head of R&D and Blue Sky efforts at Disney Imagineering.

That is quite a track record. I'm not sure how much Trowbrige had to do with The Wizarding World but with Spider-Man under his belt alone I think Disney's Star Wars efforts are in good hands. I wouldn't be surprised to hear an announcement or something major before the end of the year.

Laughing Place via: /Film