Town Center at Disney Springs to Begin Opening May 15th, Most Stores Open by July 1st

The first entirely new location at the reimagined Disney Springs is set to open on May 15th. All of the many new retail locations will not be open at that time but you'll be able to take in the namesake of the new shopping district, the fresh water spring.

The majority of the stores in the new area will be open by July 1st of this year. The Town Center portion of Disney Springs will play host to a ton of new shops and restaurants. Disney recently revealed a list of over 30 new locations coming. Disney promises even more venues will be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Disney Reveals Disney Springs' Backstory

While Downtown Disney is a war zone of construction and parking nightmares, Disney Springs is just on the horizon. Disney has detailed the storyline for the new shopping area. Disney Springs is a small Florida town that was built by a beautiful natural spring and then the area flourished into a, well, retail and dining locations.

One of the goals with the project is to incorporate all the districts into one storyline. Judging from the brand new digitally rendered fly-overs of the new space, I'd say they are on the right track.

New Disney Springs Renderings Show More Than Just New Shops

There is still a lot of work left to be done at Downtown Disney before it becomes Disney Springs. In early 2015, the opening of The Landing section will mark the official name change over. And sometime in 2016 will mark the completion of the project. 

Disney has released some new renderings showing what the finished product will look like. The renderings again show off the new parking structures but also show off the changes to the surrounding road enhancements. From what I've been hearing lately about how hard it is to get to the area this will be a welcome improvement.

First is adding three additional lanes to Lake Buena Vista Drive, upgrading to from seven to ten lanes. Two pedestrian bridges are being added on the Marketplace and West Sides. A new I-4 interchange will offer direct access to Disney Springs as well, as you can see in the image above. The parking nightmare is set to be over in late 2014 when the first of two parking structures opens to guests.

"The Landing" Will Mark the Opening of Disney Springs in Early 2015

There will still be work left to do when Downtown Disney officially becomes Disney Springs in early 2015 but the shopping district will have plenty of new shops and its new name.

In early 2015 "The Landing" district will mark the opening and 2016 will see the rest of the expansion. This summer two Starbucks, the Co-Op Marketplace, food truck park, up-scale dog accessory shop, World Cup store and live entertainment will all be coming to Downtown Disney.

I've yet to be terribly impressed by any of the new stores opening up at Disney Springs but I guess there is still time for surprises.

via: Attractions Magazine

'The Trophy Room' Coming to Marketplace Co-Op

Disney has detailed their second of six shops coming to the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney later this year. The Trophy Room will mostly contain sports memorabilia. Disney featured Baseball attire and merchandise as the season is starting.

The boutique will feature an exposed brick backdrop with glass, wood and metal accents. In addition to licensed MLB merchandise there will be Disney merch with a sports theme as seen above.