First Look at the Massive 'Reign of Kong' Ride Vehicles

[Updated with video] Universal has officially revealed the innovative ride vehicles for Skull Island: Reign of Kong via the Orlando Sentinel.

The massive trackless ride vehicles will be 40 feet long, 13 feet tall and weigh in at 17 tons. 72 passengers in 12 rows will take the journey led by a live actor.

Those live actors will take on five different roles. "Drivers include Becky (a cowgirl), Will Denham (adventurous cousin of a movie director), Jinks Costanza (ex-con from New York City), Kalana (descendant of the island's natives) and Doc (paleontology student)."

While a trackless ride vehicle on such a massive scale is extremely impressive, my initial reaction to the large 72 passenger capacity was how the views from various seats in the vehicle will be. Seating like this is similar to the safari vehicles at Disney's Kilimanjaro Safaris. In that attraction, depending on which side of the truck you are sitting on, your view could be massively obstructed.

What do you think of the latest generation of ride vehicles at Universal Orlando?