Watch the Breathtaking The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood Premiere

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade at Universal Studios Hollywood is finally officially open. To celebrate the grand opening Universal threw a start-studded event that included many cast members from the films. The main event was an incredible display of pyrotechnics and projections on Hogwarts Castle.

John Williams conducted a live orchestra as the castle came to life. Projections showing the house symbols, moments from the film and even seemingly giving a glimpse inside the castle itself. It was an incredible display that I can only hope repeats again in the future or make it's way to Orlando at some point.

The Last 'Back to the Future' Ride to Close this May

The last remaining incarnation of 'Back to the Future - The Ride' is set to close May 31st at Universal Studios Japan. There is no word yet on what will replace the attraction. Universal closed the Universal Studios Florida version in March of 2007 and in September of 2007 closed the Universal Studios Hollywood version. Both of those attractions were ultimately replaced by The Simpsons Ride.

I don't recall riding Back to the Future - The Ride when I was younger, and despite my fondness for the Back to the Future series, I can't say I'll miss this attraction. The story of this ride just does not feel like the rest of the franchise and is purely going for spectacle. Which is fine for a theme park ride but as a fan of the trilogy I want something with a little more thought.

via: Theme Park Insider

Hello Kitty Begins Meeting Guests at Universal Orlando

The Hello Kitty store is officially open now in Universal Studios Florida. The shop has been open now for a few weeks, selling a wide array of Hello Kitty merchandise and treats like cupcakes and fudge. Today marks the first time you can meet Hello Kitty at the store in a new meet and greet. If you meet her, don't forget to ask, once and for all, if she is really a cat or not.

Universal Vacation Vlog September 2015 Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of our September 2015 couples trip. Come back every week to see our whole vacation!

Today is our Universal day. We start early on a raining morning in Diagon Alley. We hop a train over to Hogsmeade then circle around Islands of Adventure. We finish the day in Universal Studios and are the last people the leave Diagon Alley.

We did not intend to release these as vlogs. I shot most of the footage for our trip montage, so bear with us! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Theme Park Etiquette 101

Theme Park Etiquette 101

Theme parks are busier than ever these days. That means a large amount of first timers who are taking their introductory trips to some of the most popular vacation destinations on earth. Whether you you are newbie or a veteran, the fact of the matter is, some people just don't know how to act. Here are some essential rules of etiquette that everyone should follow when visiting their theme park of choice.

The more densely packed these theme parks get the more you'll be getting cozy some of your fellow guests. I get it, Florida and southern California are hot places. You should know by now how smelly you can get in the heat, so be kind to your neighbor. No one wants to smell your Turkey Leg infused sweat mixed with Splash Mountain water.

Bad Language
I'm no stranger to throwing a bad word around or two, but there is a time and place for everything. Cursing and talking about off color topics does not have a place in the theme parks. 

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