Frozen is Replacing Maelstrom but it's Not the End of Epcot

Maelstrom is in deep, deep, deep, deep...snow

Maelstrom is in deep, deep, deep, deep...snow

Last week the internet exploded after news broke of Maelstrom closing and a new Frozen attraction taking its place. Not only did the theme park media take note of this; movie, entertainment and pop culture sites also picked up on the new addition to Epcot.

You either like the idea of this new development or you don't. And there is very little grey area in between. Let's take a quick and general look at the arguments for and against.

Those against: Characters should not be in the World Showcase. Norway is a real location and Arendelle is not.

Those in favor of: Give me more Frozen!

At the onset of Epcot characters were not a part of the park and history and education were the focus. Slowly characters have snuck their way in and so far nothing has been all that offensive. I have fond memories of Epcot from when I was a child. One of the dearest is the bonding my dad and I had in the Living Seas pavilion. I've heard nothing but negativity over that pavilion being turned into The Seas with Nemo and Friends. 

Personally I like the Nemo ride a lot and I don't think it takes away from the value of the rest of the pavilion. That's how I feel about Frozen coming to Norway.

Maelstrom wasn’t a good ride.

It's safe to say that if an attraction needs to be replaced it should be replaced by something even better. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Maelstrom wasn't a good ride. It was inaccurate, incoherent but it was fun. It was nostalgic. But it wasn't good. The Frozen ride could be better. And for the record I did really love Maelstrom.

A Frozen ride is coming no matter what detractors have to say about it. I welcome the new ride but also hope that Disney realized that Frozen should be part of the Norway pavilion and not change it into the Frozen Pavilion.