Star Wars Theme Park Details Coming 2015

During a shareholders call, Bob Iger stated that we will hear the first details on Star Wars coming to Disney theme parks in 2015. On the subject Iger said there will be "far greater Star Wars presence in our parks”. This might confirm that Star Wars attractions will be added to current parks and there will not be a dedicated Star Wars park which was a popular rumor. Now, nothing in final until it's final in the Disney parks. Many lands and attractions can make it far into planning before being killed but it looks likely that a dedicated Star Wars park isn't in the cards.

While rumors have threatened to turn Tomorrowland in Disneyland into a new Star Wars land, in Florida, Disney's Hollywood Studios is the more than likely place a Star Wars expansion will take place. The first development of such an expansion could the the closing of the American Idol Experience.

According to Park Beast's Magical Makeover series, the American Idol space could become the Mos Eisley Cantina but the possibilities are endless and rumors aren't slowing down. The first of the new Star Wars films is due in December 2015 so we might be waiting to the very last moments of 2015 to hear what these plans are.

via: WDW info