Magical Makeover: Disney's Hollywood Studios Edition

Disney's Hollywood Studios has come along way in the 25 years since it opened as Disney-MGM Studios. I'm not as sour as some critics on the park but there is room for potential. So I constructed a satellite map of the park and added what I think the park could look like with the rumored expansions. In the gallery above you can view maps of the way the park looks today and my proposed new map complete with labels of attractions and restaurants. Make the maps as big as you can. The images are very large.

Let's start with the new Star Wars Land. With the Indiana Jones Stunt Show leveled it leaves a large amount of space for one or two more Star Wars attractions next to Star Tours. The American Idol Experience building will also be leveled to house the Mos Eisley Cantina. The space is large enough to possibly hold another experience in addition to the Cantina.

The Cantina will be necessary because the second part of the park's expansion will have to take over the Studio Catering Co. quick service restaurant and a high capacity restaurant will be needed.

Additional space for Star Wars Land could be made by filling in Echo Lake. But I just couldn't bear to cover Gertie the dinosaur. Besides Fantasmic, Echo Lake is the only large water feature in the park it would be a shame to lose it. Although it doesn't make much sense stepping out of Mos Eisley Cantina to a lake. If the lake is filled it would make for great viewing areas for a potentially continuing Star Wars Weekends fireworks. 

Next up is Cars Land. Cars Land has been incredibly popular over at Disney's California Adventure. It just so happens that leveling the Lights! Motors! Action! Stunt Show, Studio Backlot Tour, Studio Catering Co. and Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area makes the perfect footprint for the Cars Land in California. (Yes I matched up the "real" footprint of the satellite image. The illustrated version just looks better). As an added bonus that would mean that Pixar Place would open right into Radiator Springs. Couldn't be better if they planned it that way.

There is also come potential space for a very small land like A Bugs Land in California Adventure. It would be great to see more Pixar films represented in the area.

The Studio Backlot Tour is one of my fondest memories from the park as a kid but it's showing its age in the worst way. It'll be sad to see it go but it will be even better to have Cars Land in Orlando. And that's coming from a Cars hater. I don't think anyone will be missing the Stunt Show or anything else that has to make room for Mater and the gang. (I do actually like the Stunt Show)

The cherry on top of these expansions would be an updated The Great Movie Ride. That ride is the heart and soul of the park. New films can be added. There have been plenty of new timeless films since the ride opened. I wouldn't mind the live action elements but the experience needs to be completely reworked. I'd love to see a much more immersive experience as well. Technology as come far enough to make the ride not feel like a museum. I'd love to see the Avengers in there, Star Wars, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings, 007, The Matrix and Pixar films just to name a few. Assuming licensing deals could be reached.

Do you have ideas on what can go into Disney's Hollywood Studios? Leave any suggestions for any part of the park in the comments. I'll be working on maps for The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot in the future. Suggestions for any of those are welcome as well.