First Look Inside Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] I guess Universal didn't like the debut of their goblin animatronics to be a passing glance behind the lovely Al Roker. So they have released a video with a much closer and longer look at the animatronics complete with audio! You can now see the new video embedded above.

Next week the Today show is taking a look inside at some parts of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion: Diagon Alley. The first as yet unseen element of Diagon Alley is the interior of the Gringotts Bank coaster.

Al Roker walks around the lobby of the bank and passes multiple Goblin animatronics. Al is able to get very close the the Goblin tellers. Unsure how close actual guests will be able to get but it would be pretty amazing if you can get as close. Take a look at the video to see a few more angles.

via: Inside the Magic