MyMagic+ Coming to Disneyland

According to WDWNT, MyMagic+ and FastPass+ will be coming to the Disneyland Resort in California. This news went relatively unnoticed, slipping out during the park's 24 hour event. But while FastPass+ and MyMagic+ are making their way to the parks, MagicBands will not be coming to the west coast.

Disneyland fans are a passionate bunch. The park is mostly a regional park, taking in most of its guests from the surrounding area in California. Changing up how they access the park will not be an easy task if avoiding mass rioting is your goal. Disney knows this. An integration of these systems will take that into consideration. In the end the Disneyland system could end up looking nothing like the Florida version. And that could be a very good thing for us World visitors.

If some of those "better" implementations go over well in Disneyland we could see those ideas transfer back over to Disney World. One suggestion I've heard in the past was to keep MagicBands, FastPass+ and MyMagic+ but make the process of getting FastPasses similar to how it used to be. For example you'd only be able to get FastPasses once you entered the park. Then you could either use your smartphone, using your location data to place you in the park, to make FastPass reservations or use a bank of kiosks to make reservations for attractions all over the park. No more running across the park just to grab a FastPass.

Disney knows how to treat their Disneyland guests. Once we get a full breakdown of how these systems will work in the park I think most Disneyland guests will be happy. What do you think?