Tokyo Disney Offers Details On New Expansions

Back in 2014, The Oriental Land Company revealed plans for new expansions in both their Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea parks. The over $4 billion project was clearly going to be ambitions in size from the price tag alone. Now we know some more details of what guests will soon experience. 

The headliner of these new announcements is the new port in Tokyo DisneySea: Scandinavia. Tokyo Disney will be using this new themed port as a backdoor to introduce Frozen. I know most people out there are well over Frozen but when Tokyo DisneySea does something they do it right. The concept art (above) alone looks incredible and I can't wait to see the details that go into the new area.

Over in Tokyo Disneyland, their expansions will borrow heavily from the New Fantasyland attractions in Disney World. Specifically the Beast's castle across the stone bridge (pictured above) as seen at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. It has not been confirmed if the space will simply be a restaurant or something more. And Alice in Wonderland (pictured above) . An Alice in Wonderland area did not actually make its way into New Fantasyland, but concepts for one were detailed before final plans went into place and it seems as though the OLC liked the ideas enough to put it in their park.

Like everything at the Tokyo Disney Resort I'm sure it will all be outstanding once completed. That completion date isn't all that far off. The new lands should be open around the Spring of 2018.  That is awfully fast when you consider construction hasn't even started yet. If only Disney World could make things move that fast (looking at you Avatar Land/Disney Springs parking garage).