Hatbox Ghost is Returning to the Haunted Mansion

The updates for Disneyland's 60th keep coming. You can file this one under "worst kept secret". The legendary Hatbox Ghost will be returning to the Haunted Mansion this May.

The Hatbox Ghost was originally part of the attraction in 1969 but was quickly taken out due to the desired effect not working. The creepy old ghost was stationed in the attic scene of the mansion and held a hatbox in one hand and leaned on a cane with the other. The intended effect was for the head of the ghost to disappear off his shoulders and appear inside the hatbox timed with the sound of the heartbeat from the bride.

The Hatbox Ghost gained legendary status and his fate had many conspiracy theories attributed to it. Those visiting Disneyland for its 60th birthday celebrations keep a lookout for the updated happy haunt.