Will I-Drive Add a Day to your Vacation?

image via The Orlando Eye

image via The Orlando Eye

When on vacation time can be more valuable than money. If you are planning a trip to Orlando, Disney, Universal or both will more than likely be the headliner of your trip. Completing everything even just Disney has to offer is impossible on one trip, so prioritization becomes a major factor. Disney and Universal parks are busier than ever and drawing in crowds like never before. 

Businesses on the fringes of the the theme parks are stepping up their game in order to soak up any spare moment of your time. What this means for you is more options and variety for your vacation dollar. Let's take a look at the new big players coming to the scene.

The Orlando Eye is nearly open for business. The 400-foot tall ferris wheel is a beautiful new addition to the skyline. Riding up in one of its air conditioned capsules will give you a unique look at the Orlando skyline as well as views of Universal and Disney parks.

The location is also home to the Madame Tussauds wax museum, SeaLife Orlando Aquarium, Skeleton Museum and a host of restaurants. You can can experience the three main attractions for around $40.

Right next door to the Orlando Eye in I-Drive 360 will be the Vue at 360 complex which will sport the world's tallest star flyer ride coming in at 420-feet.

Speaking of skylines, Skyplex is opening an equally monstrous attraction right down the road. The Skyscraper roller coaster is a 570-foot tall coaster and will be the first Polercoaster in Florida. This thing looks absolutely terrifying which means it will bring in thrill seekers from all over. The area will also have restaurants and even a zipline.

A well established and growing member of International Drive is Fun Spot. Its a small amusement park with off the shelf rides that seems to be very popular with locals. The 'little amusement park that could' seems to be adding rides and attractions all the time, like Gator Spot. A team up with another Florida favorite, Gatorland.

Those are just a handful of the things going in and around I-Drive. With all these new and enticing offerings just steps away from the theme parks will you be visiting them any time soon? If you are, the most important question is how will your schedule be affected by the new destination? Will the gargantuan attractions add an extra day to your vacation when you otherwise wouldn't have stayed longer? Or will you remove a day or a half-day from Disney or Universal? Leave a comment below on how I-Drive will change your planning.