Be Our Guest Restaurant Introduces New Breakfast Menu

The popularity of the Be Our Guest restaurant has not lessened much since the opening of New Fantasyland. The lunch and dinner services are nearly always booked to capacity and for a while now fans have wondered why the location did not serve breakfast. Wonder no longer because Disney has announced that the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant will begin serving breakfast on March 20th.

Officially this is only a test running through June 18th from the hours of 8 a.m. til 10 a.m.. They will serve a prix fixe menu with a slightly French twist. Every meal starts with a pastry basket to share and your choice of entrée is definitely more than your average "bounty platter" selection.

Some highlights include assorted cured meat and cheese served with marmalade, fresh fruit and a toasted baguette, eggs Florentine served in a puff pastry shell with country ham and roasted plum tomatoes, and the star of the menu being the Croissant Doughnut: a fried doughnut topped with banana caramel sauce, chocolate ganache and whipped cream.

I'm an extremely picky eater and not much on this menu excites me all that much. I'm interested to see if Disney alters the menu in any dramatic ways following this test phase. You can see the entire breakfast menu here.