Disney Announces Seasonal Pricing on 1-Day Tickets

After months of rumors and speculation Disney has officially revealed their move to a seasonal tiered pricing structure for one-day tickets in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. What that means is during certain times of the year tickets will raise in price up to $124 for the Magic Kingdom and $114 for the other three parks in Florida.

As you can imagine, spring break, most of the summer and late December into New Years will be labeled as 'Peak' times, charging the most. That period will start on March 11th. The mid-tier 'Regular' pricing will show up first on Friday and will cost $110 for the Magic Kingdom and $102 for the other three parks. The 'Value' season will consist of the slower times of the year, mainly September and will maintain the current pricing of $105 and $97.

Multi-day tickets will also be affected year round. The four-day option will increase $20 to $325 and the ten-day option will increase $35 to $400.

Disney's parks have seen record attendance over the past few years and quite frankly I'm surprised they haven't adopted this model sooner. No one wants to pay more but it is understandable. Now, how Disney is treating their employees while they're raking in all this extra cash is another topic for another time.

Source: Disney, Orlando Sentinel