New Art and Video of the World of Avatar

New information for the Avatar expansion at Disney's Animal Kingdom has been few and far between. Granted the land isn't set to debut until 2017, we haven't seen a proposed map of the space or many specifics on the attractions within.

None of that changes today. But there is some nice new concept art that shows off the floating rock formations of Pandora. The accompanying video also shows off some of the bioluminescent flora that can be found around the land that will create a really incredible experience at night.

The video shows off many different plants that will glow as the sun begins to set as well as lighting in the ground that will even react to guests walking on top of it. Hard to say how much of Pandora will be covered in the reactive lighted sidewalk as it looks plenty expensive. The latest trend in theme parks is interactivity, so if some strategic plants don’t react, change color or patterns with guest interaction I’d say they missed a big opportunity.