Skull Island: Reign Of Kong's Story Revealed

Universal revealed the official story for their 2016 attraction, Skull Island: Reign Of Kong. The tale revolves around the 8th Wonder Expedition Company. A research effort to uncover the island's gigantic secrets.

You'll begin by attempting to make your way to the ruins, then to the 8th Wonder basecamp, being lead by the radio transmissions of the explorers ahead of you. You'll hear the first signs of life as native drums begin to get louder as you make your way toward the heart of the island. Your group will then be met by the massive temple that dominates the land. Inside are a labyrinth of caves. Once you escape you'll be right in the middle of a T-rex fight, and that's were Kong comes in.

The ride sounds about what we expected. Universal released a new video with a few new pieces of concept art and another look at the T-rex that will be in the screen portion of the ride. It still looks identical to 2005's Peter Jackson King Kong film, bright and saturated. As much as I liked Jackson's Kong film, I don't think that aesthetic fits with everything else we've seen thus far.

I also don't know how they are going to trick guests into thinking the large temple that dominates the land's skyline is deep in the heart of the island when you can clearly see it from well outside the land. I am loving the red glowing lights that will illuminate the temple at night.

The first episode of Myth Explorer (the viral marketing videos for the ride) is out now. Some great production value went into this campaign. I find it a little too meta that this fictional show know and talks about Universal's Skull Island attraction. What do you think of the new Reign of Kong news?