Turner Classic Movies Steps in to Sponsor The Great Movie Ride

In these uncertain times at Disney's Hollywood Studios many fans have feared the removal of The Great Movie Ride. In my opinion, the heart and soul of the park. Fear not! In an unexpected but practically perfect partnership, a new company has come onboard to sponsor The Great Movie Ride and ensure its future and reputation in the park.

Turner Classic Movies will breathe a little new life into the ride, at least in the short term, with new films in the queue and one at the end of the ride itself. Both elements have been in dire need of a refresh for many years. TCM branding will of course begin to be popping up all over the attraction and the host of the network, Robert Osborne, will make an appearance in at least one of the films. Those changes should be in place by Spring of 2015.

Rumor has it that the attraction could receive a major overhaul and could possibly include an entirely new ride system featuring trackless vehicles like Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland. As it seems partnerships in the Disney Parks are rarely short term, TCM could have a big hand in the ride's revival.

Disney will also be giving something back to TCM in the form of classic Disney films and TV shows. Notably for me the Disneyland TV series, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and The Wonderful World of Disney amongst many others.

This new pairing couldn't get much better. The attraction is safe, new films are coming in and the remodel could come sooner than later. I think there will be a lot of outcry if there is a major overhaul to the ride but I think if the general message and idea of the original stays in place I think the attraction sorely needs an update. 

via: The New York TImes