New Details Announced for Shanghai Disney Resort

New details have been announced for the Shanghai Disney Resort. Unfortunately there are no further details on Shanghai Disneyland but we now have details on the resorts and shopping district of the resort.

As you can see in the image above, the resort is somewhat reminiscent of the Magic Kingdom. With the large lake to the south of the theme park. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel will be the signature hotel of the resort with art nouveau-inspired designs. Surprisingly the hotel will not be close to the park as with other parks in the region.

The value or moderate answer to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is the Toy Story Hotel. The design looks to be taking many cues from the Art of Animation hotel in Florida. The exterior of the building would be right at home next to any of the other themed buildings at that resort.

The Downtown Disney/ Disney Springs counterpart will be called Disneytown. The area will bring shopping and dining including an area called Spice Alley that will provide casual and more upscale Asian dining options. Most interestingly the area will have the Walt Disney Grand Theatre which will first host the Mandarin version of the Broadway play The Lion King.

Disneytown will be near the lake and in addition to all the entertainment will be a focus on nature. Providing gardens, a walking path and great views over the water.

The Shanghai Disney Resort was scheduled to open at the end of 2015 but it looks like that date could be slipping. Check back for more details on the resort.