Disneyland Offers A Glimpse at Reimagined Rivers of America

Just yesterday the Mark Twain, Sailing Ship Colombia, Fantasmic, Tom Sawyer Island and Disneyland Railroad were all taken offline to begin work on Disneyland's Star Wars land. The closure of these attractions for at least a year has been met with mixed response from Disneyland faithful.

Today Disneyland has revealed some concept art of the Rivers of America once they return to operation. The shortened rivers will include waterfalls that will likely serve as a berm to keep Star Wars land hidden. Many of the scenes from the previous incarnation of the Rivers of America seems to be returning as well. We might even be able to expect some new additions or improvements once it reopens.

In my opinion, the best part of this change is the Disneyland Railroad going over the trestle bridge. That will no doubt make for some incredible views of the scenery. 

How do you feel about the changes to the Rivers of America? Is this concept art a step in the right direction?